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10 Electric Cars Coming In The Next 3 Years

2016 was my first full-time year at Electric covering clean-tech and primarily electric vehicles. It undoubtedly was a great and exciting year for EVs with several automakers announcing new upcoming vehicles, some of them even committing to volume production and governments setting more ambitious goals for electric vehicle adoption.

It obviously means that the next few years will be even more exciting in the segment and our coverage will inevitably become broader than mainly Tesla and a few EVs.

Here we take a look at what’s on the roadmap for the next 3 years in the electric vehicle world with 10 new electric cars.

It’s not a complete list of electric vehicles coming to market by the end of the decade, but instead, I gathered details of the vehicle programs we know most about and those that have the best chances of making it to market.

Other vehicles like Faraday Future’s prototype or Lucid Motors’ new ‘Air’ sedan have potential and could very well get to market, but I stuck with electric vehicle programs that have already been financed and therefore, they will almost inevitably hit the market at some point – albeit maybe not within the disclosed timeline.

Electric car

I also didn’t include the Chevy Bolt EV since it already hit the market in California, but maybe I should have considering GM will only ramp up production and delivery to other markets in 2017.

1 – Tesla Model 3

Easily the most anticipated one of the bunch, the Tesla Model 3 is also the vehicle with the most well-understood timeline to production.

Tesla set the deadline for internal and external components for July 1st, 2017.

The company anticipates some delays from the fixed deadline and therefore, it is guiding for volume production to start during the second half of 2017.

The main things we know about the upcoming electric vehicle:

$35,000 starting price

215 miles of range minimum on the base version

Higher performance versions will be available with dual motor and even Ludicrous mode

Hardware to enable fully self-driving capability will be standard (software is an option)

With over 400,000 reservations, the first full year of production is virtually sold out at this point.

Tesla will start by delivering the vehicles to employees in California (with Tesla and SpaceX it could be up to as many as 10,000 cars) and it will start going east for there. Other countries will follow as the company goes through the proper homologation process, but it would be surprising if any Model 3 is delivered outside of the US in 2017 – even in Canada.

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Source: 10 electric cars coming in the next 3 years

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