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American SUV Servicing Gold Coast

When it comes to American SUV Servicing, Bosch has specialised equipment that most regular mechanics just don’t have. Essential for servicing large vehicles such as SUV’s, they are just some of the reasons as to why Bosch should be your first port of call for your maintenance needs. Six of these types of equipment are listed below:

American SUV Servicing

9 Tonne Hydraulic Hoist For Heavy Vehicles

When it comes to servicing an American SUV, it’s important that you use a mechanic that has the right equipment. We have a 6 metre, 6.5-tonne hydraulic hoist that’s used to lift larger vehicles (as well as a 10 metre, 8-tonne hoist for even bigger vehicles), such as American SUVs which are notoriously heavy.

When servicing without our specialised hydraulic hoist, each individual wheel has to be jacked up individually in order for the car to be worked on. This is a slower process compared to lifting the entire SUV on the heavy hoist, which means that your vehicle is in the workshop for longer and the labour costs will rapidly increase.

By having the heavy hydraulic hoist, it will save you both money and time, as it is a more efficient servicing technique.

Once the vehicle has been brought into the workshop, within 1 minute the SUV will be lifted 6 feet into the air – ready to be worked on. This not only allows for a faster and more cost-effective service, but it will also help to create more detailed reports too.

Lifting Fully Loaded American SUV for Servicing

The use of the 9 tonne hoist doesn’t just apply to American SUVs.

Many people with regular SUVs and utes will believe that their vehicle is light enough to take to a mechanic with a regular hydralic hoist.

However most people forget about the fully loaded weight of their SUV.

For example if there are any items left in the vehicle like tools or building materials, that will make it too heavy for the hoists used my most mechanics.

The mechanic isn’t going to risk breaking their hoist to lift your overweight SUV which means you’ll have a choice.

  1. Completely unload your vehicle so that it is light enough for your mechanic to lift.
  2. Let the mechanic conduct the service by jacking up each wheel one by one.
  3. Find another mechanic (like us) who has a 9 tonne hoist which can lift your fully loaded vehicle.

Since option 1 and 2 increase the inconvenience, time and overall cost of the vehicle service, it’s probably just easier to use a mechanic that can quickly lift your vehicle no matter how heavy it might be.

Bosch Uses Carbon Clean Machines

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, we use special equipment designed to help fix a range of vehicles from all over the world.

Without carbon cleaning, an SUV will accumulate deposits that will have a great impact on the emissions, fuel economy and the performance of the car.

Our specialised carbon cleaning machine removes these deposits quickly and efficiently – unlike many other mechanics.

The carbon cleaning works by using water to create oxygen and hydrogen, which will then pass through the engine to the exhaust system in gas form.

Specialised Transmission Flushing Machines

Another big difference between regular mechanics and Bosch is that we have transmission flushing machines.

Professional grade machines that dispose of all of the transmission fluid in your SUV and remove the contaminants and grime buildup.

It’s an essential process that will impact the health and overall lifespan of your vehicle.

ECU Diagnostics Assist USA SUV Servicing

ECU (Engine Control Unit) diagnostic equipment is specialised equipment that’s used to identify engine fault codes that are within the ECU’s memory.

After the sensors around the SUV report back to the ECU if any issues arise, the problems are then generated into an error code (which shows as warning lights on the dashboard). It is important to know what each of these signs means in order to fix the issue accordingly.

The equipment will decode this, helping the mechanic to fully understand what the full extent of the problem is, allowing them to find a solution to the issue.

Test Lane Equipment For Suspensions & Brakes

Bosch offers high-tech test lane equipment that’s used to test both brakes and suspension. Holding the weight of the SUV, this specialised equipment is vital in fixing the problem that has arisen with either of the core vehicle features.

Many regular mechanics won’t have this specialised equipment (for example a roller brake tester) and will instead either check brake efficiency with a decelerometer on the road.

Heavy vehicles like American SUVs can be challenge and expensive to service because they’re heavier than regular SUVs. But if you choose a mechanic with the right equipment you’ll be amazed at how much you can save.



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