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Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid is the lifeblood of the brake hydraulic system in your car.

Brake fluid transfers the pressure you apply on the brake pedal to the brakes at the wheels of your car.


Regularly changing the brake fluid in your car allows

Brake fluid reservoir in Škoda Fabia I Česky: ...
Brake fluid reservoir in Škoda Fabia I Česky: Nádržka na brzdovou kapalinu ve Škodě Fabia I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

safe brake operation and can also save money.

More importantly though; regularly changing the brake fluid in your car can help prevent serious road accidents.


Brake fluid is very hygroscopic; which means that it absorbs moisture very readily.

This lowers the boiling point of the fluid and introduces moisture into the components of the brake system.

With a lower boiling point, the heat generated from normal braking can cause old brake fluid to boil, which in turn causes loss of braking pressure or complete brake failure.

The added moisture in brake fluid also causes brake components to corrode internally and these may therefore need replacement much earlier than expected.

Comparatively, the cost of replacing the fluid is very low.


At Exhaust and Mechanical Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD, we recommend replacing the brake fluid every 2 years. This is in line with most car manufacturers recommendations.

lf there is any doubt about the fluid age we recommend replacing it.

To replace the brake fluid is only a fraction of the cost of repairing the damage caused by bad brake fluid, not to mention the inconvenience of your car being out of use for many days.

You can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended intervals or your Bosch Auto Service NDM auto repair mechanic will be happy to advise you.

REMEMBER: Money spent on maintenance can save costly repairs.

We are happy to answer any more questions you may have regarding Brake Fluid.

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