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Changing Radiator Coolant

Radiator Coolant is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that should not be overlooked. Radiators are responsible for cooling your engine and keeping it running at its optimal temperature. Radiator coolant helps to keep the engine running smoothly and prevent any overheating problems from occurring. It also helps protect the radiator from corrosion and provides lubrication, both of which are necessary for a properly functioning system.

Your car is full of other fluids that need to be well maintained to help it run properly, one of which is your coolant.

Engine coolant has three important functions

  • First is to product the radiator, water pump and other parts from corrosion.
  • Second is to keep the engine from over heating, or keep it cool.
  • Third is to keep the engine from freezing.

If your vehicle is running on substandard coolant, the engine can overheat extremely fast, leading to mechanical breakdown and failure. In the picture below you can see the obvious difference between good and bad coolant fluid.

How To Change Radiator Coolant Fluid

At Bosch Auto Service NDM, we understand how important Radiator Coolant is in maintaining your car’s performance. We use specialised equipment to ensure that your Radiator is clean and free of contaminants, helping to ensure the long-term health of your vehicle’s engine and cooling system. Our team will help you.



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