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Missing A Service Is False Economy

Servicing your car costs money. There is no doubt about that.

And it is very tempting to save a couple hundred dollars by not having a service done.

But this can be a false economy.

Would you spend $200 to save $7000?

Because if you do not spend $200 on getting your car serviced when it is due, then you could easily spend $7000 getting your engine rebuilt instead. .

And it’s amazing how often this happens. It is not a rare occurrence.

Lubricants and fluids.

Firstly, a service replaces the fluids and lubricants that are required to keep your engine running efficiently. If these are not replaced when scheduled, then the wear and tear on the engine increases dramatically.

Secondly, during a regular service our mechanics perform a visual and physical check on various parts.

An obvious example is the rubber hoses in your engine bay. These can deteriorate with the high temperatures in the engine bay, and fail.

When they do, the results can be very dramatic.

A broken radiator hose releases all of the water that is cooling the engine. With no cooling, the engine overheats with dramatic results.

This could be a $7000-$10,000 engine rebuild for you.

A crack in a fuel hose could spray raw fuel into the engine bay resulting in a serious fire.

This could be the total destruction of your car, or at least serious damage in the engine bay.

A failed fan belt will mean no air conditioning, no cooling of your engine and possibly also a flat battery. All of which results in cost and inconvenience.

So . . .

Would you spend $200 to save $7000?

Would you spend $300 to save $10,000?

Make sure that you have your car serviced regularly!

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