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One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner

With the cost of fuel these days, any little tweak that you can make to improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption is worth investigating.

And the fuel system of your car is a very good place to look.

One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner

Deposits and the build up of residues in the fuel system can result in poor engine performance which then results in higher fuel consumption.

One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner contains active chemical compounds that are the most advanced petroleum additives that have been developed during the past 25 years.

These additives are designed to provide intake system clean-up, emission control, extend component life and more efficient fuel utilisation.

When used as directed, One Shot Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner can:

  • Clean valves, combustion chambers, ports, intake manifolds, carburettor/s and fuel injectors
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce exhaust emissions, (HC, CO, NOx)
  • Reduce or eliminate ignition knock
  • Reduce or eliminate engine run-on
  • Reduce engine octane requirement
  • Restore lost power
  • Improve drivability by reducing or eliminating engine hesitation, rough idling and engine surge
  • Reduce or eliminate valves sticking
  • Prevent spark plug fouling
  • Eliminate Central Port Injection (CPI) sticking

Download the full brochure here:

DT5 PLUS Concentrated Diesel Treatment

We are happy to answer any more questions you may have regarding Fuel Treatments and Additives.

Also available in bulk quantities for fleet and commercial users.

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