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Shipping A Car To The USA


As many of you know, I’m currently importing a Nissan Skyline GT-R the United States.

This is a long and intricate process that involves a wide range of port workers, sailors, government agencies, customs employees, and enough forms to bury them all in a large pile of official documents.

But the process is almost complete.

You’d know this if you followed me on Twitter, because my Skyline is less than three weeks away from landing in America — and that means I have a lot of ground to cover on the import process before I start doing highly informative videos about the difficulty of bringing a right-hand drive vehicle to the drive-thru.

Car To USASo today I’m going to address a topic that many of you have been wondering about: precisely how do you go about shipping a car to the United States?

I know you’ve been wondering about this because I’ve received dozens of e-mails from a slew of different readers asking a multitude of shipping-related questions, ranging from “Does it cost thousands of dollars?” to “Do you have to put it in a box?”

Even friends of mine who couldn’t care less about cars – friends who think it was tasteless for Porsche to name a car “911” in the wake of the September 11 attacks – have been asking me about it.

“How do you ship… a CAR?” they say, with a genuine sense of awe in their voices, because they remember how expensive it was to ship home their college coffeemaker during summer vacations. “Can you use FedEx?”

So now I’ll be answering all of your automotive shipping questions, from start to finish, in one little Jalopnik column.

As usual, much thanks to those who helped me compile all this information: automotive importer extraordinaire Japanese Classics, who is currently bringing over my Skyline, and the three readers who helped me by answering questions about vehicles they’ve imported.

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Source: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Shipping A Car To The U.S.

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