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Torn Boots? No Worries!

“How long do CV joints last?” is just one of the frequently asked questions. But with the correct maintenance, CVs can easily go 50-100,000 kilometres or more but on the other side, if you are doing poor maintenance, torn boots can easily fail in 2-10,000 kilometres.

What is the role of CV Joints anyway?

Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) are joints between the drive shafts and the wheels which transmit power and make the car move. These ensure that power is delivered to the tires irrespective of the position of the tires (up/down/turning/straight) relative to the drive shafts.

Torn Boots? No Worries!Torn boots happened when a driver does not maintain his/her car. It gets damaged normally when the dust boot cracks or breaks and dust moves on through the joints. For instance, you change your oil and surprisingly discovered that the protective covering around your CV Joint or what we called CV boot has torn!

Calm Down! There’s no room for panic.

In the early stages, no it’s not dangerous as you can still drive your car and commute to your destination but you’ll want to resolve that torn boot as soon as possible.  Over time dirt/grit gets into the grease and joint and wears it out faster. And there is good reason to replace the boot sooner than later as the cost of a boot is a lot cheaper than a whole axle shaft assembly.

Replacing your Torn CV Boots… there you go!

Repair it for me please – at Bosch Auto Service NDM we repair and manufacture CV Joints, thereby guaranteeing that we have the highest quality product available for our customers with an affordable cost.

I’ll go and repair it myself – If you want to replace them yourselves, though it can be a bit messy and a dirty job, CV boots themselves only cost around $25 a set and typically take 2 hours to replace. The average mechanic should be able to change a normal car’s CV boots without having any issues; some research is needed prior to repair for your particular vehicle.

CV joint boots cover all four CV joints on a front-wheel drive car or truck. When the CV joint boots go bad, the entire movement of the car is affected, as the clicking gets louder the wear is getting worse , they can in extreme cases lock up so change them.

Better a painful pocket that a broken head.

Well, that about sums up the ‘what-to-do when you discover a torn CV boot. I hope you find it to be an interesting one!

Well, don’t you think it’s time to Get the “” Difference! Well, that is quite simple really!

What should you do now?

  1. Book your car in for service or repairs now.
  2. Here at Bosch Auto Service NDM Labrador & Biggera Waters, QLD, we can fix any problem or issue with a CV Shaft!
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Bosch Auto Service NDM now.


Always focus on the front windshield and not the review mirror.
~ Colin Powell

Remember – Torn Boots? No Worries!

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