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Tyre Wear Causes

Some simple precautions can reduce or eliminate the tyre wear causes that will chew up your tyres and your tyres dollars.

Ignore the basics of tyre care, and the life of your tyres can drop by up to 50%.

In extreme cases, tyres could become unusable in a few thousand or hundred kilometres!

Tyre Wear CausesTyre Wear Problems:

Causes and Symptoms

Tread wear patterns indicate over or under inflation and alignment issues. Below are the causes and symptoms of tire wear problems.

Low Pressure

Tires that are under-inflated will show more wear on both shoulders, as under-inflated tires typically lift in the center of the tread.

This is a general explanation on rotating your tires.

It’s not a very difficult or hard to understand topic.

It’s as simple as rotating your tires when the ride…

Tire Wear Problems: Causes and Symptoms

In this article we will discuss how important tyres are to road safety and point out signs of tyre wear that you should not ignore.

Tyres are incredibly important for effective road safety. However, as with anything, a tyre will begin to wear and the performance decline with time. To ignore signs of a tyre’s wear is dangerous and in extreme cases illegal.

Tyre Wear CausesTo keep yourself aware of the condition of your tyres check them regularly. Remember to also listen out for any unusual noises when driving and to feel how they respond to the road. To help you out, the following list of 5 tyre wear signs you shouldn’t ignore has been put together.

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