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Ute Trays On Gold Coast

Confused about all the options for Ute Trays?

Want to know what the options are?

Want some plain talk and simple explanations?

We promise to make the process easy,
and that we will save you money at the same time!

These features are standard on all of our Ute Trays:

Gold Coast Ute Trays Aluminium Ute Trays from Bosch NDM Auto Service

  • 2.5 ton rated floor
  • 225mm heavy duty drop sides
  • 3″ tube headboard (4.75mm wall thickness)
  • Flush mounted headboard
  • Full length rope rail (3mm wall thickness)
  • Heavy duty combing and starter planks – for durability
  • One piece starter plank – for extra strength
  • Over center latches – for safety
  • Rib floor – to protect the tray floor

Want to know what this all means for you.

Then click here to give us a call –   
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We’ll help you get the right tray for your ute, and the best tray for the job.


Gold Coast Pivot Tilt Ute Trays Aluminium Ute Trays from Bosch NDM Auto ServicePivot Trays

Consider also our Pivot Tray option for easy loading of mobile cargos.

And there are other aluminium accessories and options available for your ute:

  • Bull Bars – Quality aluminum to suit all ute makes and models.
  • Ladder Racks – To carry long lengths on your ute, safe and easy.
  • Ute Canopies – Quality Aluminium Canopies for all makes and models of utes.
  • Nudge Bars – Keeping your family safe and your ute looking good.

Give us a call right now –
07 5529 0827

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