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When Did You Last Examine Your Tyres?

Want to extend the life of your tire?

Maintain fuel efficiency?

Improve vehicle safety?

Who will say NO to it?

The key is your tyre pressure. You need to make sure that it is correct.

It can be measured by your tyre pressure in BAR pressure or pounds force (PSI).

Additional to tyre pressure correction, drivers should also make sure that the unidirectional tyres are correctly installed on the car. The arrow on the sidewall shows the rolling direction.

When Did You Last Examine Your Tyres?
Importance of Right Tyre Pressure

Studies find improper tire pressure a factor in many crashes. Tyres that are under inflated or over inflated can lead to accident. Don’t wait until your tires “look” flat to head to the pump.

Proper tire pressure maintenance is important in reducing the possibility of a blowout or a flat tire. It always needs to be at the proper level of inflation. Wrong inflation puts stress on your tyres and can lead to uneven or excessive wear, this results to poor ability of tyre performance and often results upon replacing it.

Maintaining the correct type pressure also contributes to the surroundings. It maintains the fuel efficiency at its optimum or gilt-edge! This can assimilate to lower Co2 emissions coming from your car than those with wrong tyre inflation and that is favorable for the environment.

What are the signs that my tyre has a problem?

There are several warning signs that your car tyres may be improperly inflated, although there is no substitute for using a tyre gauge to check on the inflation levels.

You can check if the car pulls to one side or the other when driving down a horizontal level road. While this pulling may be caused by incorrect calibration, it may also indicate a tire problem especially if you are sure that it is on proper alignment or if the vehicle recently had a calibration service.

If the middle area of the tramp is unwrinkled, your tyres may be overinflated. Correspondingly, if the outer section or edges of the tire tramp are bowed or convex, your tires may be not sufficiently inflated.

Another one, be careful on listening for any screeching noise when passing a corner at normal speed.

While these sorts of things can be signs of other issues, they are generally symptoms of improperly inflated tires.

Owners should always check their car’s manual for additional knowledge, as pressure endorsements can vary for cars being used for any other extreme conditions.

So, I am asking, “When did you last examine your tyres?”

Here at the Advantage

We recommend a regular checkup of your wheels and tyres, including a wheel balance and alignment check.

We can quickly check the condition of your existing tyres, and fit new tyres if required.

Well, don’t you think it’s time to Get the “” Difference!

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. We recommend that you call us or bring your vehicle in for an Obligation-Free Checkup and to discuss with us any concerns that you may have.
  2. Book your vehicle in for service or repairs now.
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Bosch Auto Service NDM now.


A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it!

Remember – When Did You Last Examine Your Tyres?

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